Why Become a Member?

The Alliance is the perfect place to build lifelong friendships and get involved in your community.

Whether you are: social or shy, a local or a transplant, you work full time or are a stay at home parent, you’re married to a medical student or are the spouse of a retired physician, we have events, speakers, community programs and get-togethers that will fit your needs and interests.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Officers

Abby White

Jen Brazeal


Stacie Rude

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is eligibility determined?

You are eligible if you are married to a physician (med student, resident, active or retired) and you are living in either Brazos or Robertson county.

What does the Alliance do?

We offer community service and volunteering opportunities, provide local nursing scholarships, promote friendship and support amongst physician families, and promote awareness of pertinent medical legislation.

How do I become a member?

Contact Stacie Rude to let her know of your interest:  Request Membership

Once I'm a member, what do I do?

Come to meetings, get-togethers, and events to make new friends with those who understand what’s it’s like being married to a physician and help your community through our various community service programs.

What if I’m busy and don’t have much time?

We all have busy lives so we do not mandate any specific number of community service or social hours, and we do not mandate meeting attendance.  It is all at your discretion. Come to what you want, when you want!  We try to create a calendar that fits everyone’s needs and stage of life: we combine fun kid events, informative speakers, cooking classes, fun dinners, happy hours and of course, we support community philanthropy by donating our time, scholarships and money, to local community programs.

Can I pay my local and state dues online?

Very soon!  We will be adding a link to the Texas Medical Association Alliance, which is where both the state and local membership dues are collected.

I’m getting invitations to different events, can I come to an event before I become a member?

YES!!  We encourage you to come, meet new friends, find out about us and then, when you are ready, join.  We do urge you to join the Alliance when you feel ready as those dues help our community.

I don’t really know any one, will I fit in?

YES, ABSOLUTELY !!  We share a common thread… our spouses are physicians and whether your married in college or during practice, whether your spouse is retired or you are just out of residency, we know and understand the intensity of the field.  We are a great support system!